The camp is guided by one of the leading professionals in Europe in a field of working with young basketball players – experts team manager is professor Ph. D. Nenad trunic, professional instructor in FIBA EUROPE COACHING program and professor of basketball at the College of Sport in Belgrade.

Иван Миљковићdsc_6930



CROSS OVER is welcomes boys and girls, aged 7 to 17 years. They will de divided during the camp into groups, according to age categories and the adopted level of basketball knowledge.

The working program is made by Prof. Nenad Trunić Ph.D., which is one of the most eminent experts in field of coaching young basketball players in the Balkans. This was confirmed by the World Basketball Federation – FIBA, which awarded Dr. Trunić the title of FIBA instructor on 2011.

Basketball camp CROSS OVER KRAGUJEVAC 2016.


showalter 800

DON SHOWALTER director of coach development of the USA basketball youth division and seven-time winner of the award for best coach of young categories of the US, will hold a lectures at a coaching clinic, which will be held from 17 August at the basketball camp CROSS OVER. Until 2014, Showalter was as national coach who led six young teams of the USA, and brought them won 6 gold medals with an incredible score of 38-0!

Lecturer at the clinic will also be Miograg Pure Radomirović who works in Germany for a long time. Radomirović graduated at the College for athletics and basketball at the Faculty of Physical Education in Belgrade and his coaching basketball career began as a fitness coach in KK Sloga Kraljevo. During his coaching career, KK Sloga Kraljevo formed the famous basketball names like Vlade Divac. Pure is currently leading PURE BASKETBAL INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY, specilized for individual skill improving and training.

The lecture will held experts manager of the camp CROSS OVER, Ph. D. Nenad Trunić, FIBA Europe Coaching Lecturer. On 2015 Trunić was promoted to coordinator of youth basketball teams of Serbia. Achievements: 2006 – Ph. D. for Management of basketball training technology, 2010 – Head Coach U17 men Serbia, 5th pl. at WC U17 in Hamburg, 2008/09 – Head Coach U16 men Serbia, 3rd pl. at EC U16 in Kaunas, Since 2008 – Chief of Technical Staff of Serbian U18 NT, responsible for training planning procedure and strength & conditioning coach, Since 2008 – Member of Experts Committee of Serbian Basketball Federation, Since 2004 – Manager of Sports Coaches Study Group and professor on the College of Sports and Health, Belgrade

Ph. D. Marijana Mladenović, once an active basketball player and now an expert in the field of sports psychology, will give a lecture in its own field. Since 2008. Dr. Mladenovic is employed as a profesor at the College of Sport and Health in Belgrade. As an associate of the Center for diagnosis and preparation of young players Mladenović conducted psychological testing of cadet football team of Montenegro, on 2009. In early 2010, she held a series of lectures as a guest lecturer at the French School Fitness in Strasbourg (France).
She kept working as a lecturer at the professional training of sports trainers program and as a lecturer at the specialist studies for sports coaches at College of sports and health.
Marijana does research on motivation in sport and motivational approach to sports coaching. Dr. Makldenović is especially interested in the possibility of applying the theory of self-determination in sports and management. In practice she deals with the psychological testing and psychological preparation of athletes.

We invite coaches to write down what they would like to hear from these eminent experts at the mail address office@crossbasketcamp.


Иван Миљковић Cross Over 2016 Kragujevac

Due to the extension of the school year in Serbia, start the first shift is moved from the 20th to the 22 June, and shift will be over on 01 July. All other shifts are unaffected.




Slowly we are joined by people from European countries. Young basketball players from Bucharest, announced their arriva to the camp CROSS OVER 2012, but also from all over Poland, where CROSS OVER has its representative – Marek Laczynski. We hope  guests from Greece and Italy will come … YOU ARE ALL WELCOME!


Basketball camp CROSS OVER got a web page. All  participants of the camp 2011 now can view pictures in the gallery, and all those who want to come to camp, can find all information about future camps, here.
We hope that you will be with us in the 2012.

Besides the highest quality work in the region, you can expect excursions, parties, workshops and promoters: Raško Katić from Partizan Belgrade, Dejan Musli from Caja Laboral, Luka Igrutinović from Hemofarm and Jelena Milovanović from Spartak Moscow.

Our head expert is Prof. Dr. Nenad Trunić, who led Serbian national team U16 to the bronze medal at the European Championships in Lithuania.
Conditions for accommodation are certainly the best in Serbia, a city of Kragujevac provides security to all participants …

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